Journey School of Costa Rica


At Journey School of Costa Rica

Soccer/Futbol is the most popular activity on campus at Journey School of Tamarindo. At Journey, futbol provides opportunities to practice all of our core values in our approach to the play of this incredible game.

In general, futbol provides:

Physical Fitness

Futbol promotes physical activity, enhancing cardiovascular health, endurance, strength, and coordination. Regular participation in the sport helps students develop a healthier lifestyle and reduces the risk of obesity and related health issues.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Futbol is a team sport that fosters collaboration and communication. By working together towards a common goal, students learn valuable skills like cooperation, trust, and respect for teammates and opponents. These qualities extend beyond the field and are applicable in various aspects of life.

Social Interaction and Community

Futbol provides a platform for students to interact with their peers, fostering friendships and social connections. It encourages inclusivity and diversity, bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, promoting understanding and unity.

Discipline and Time Management

Futbol requires commitment, practice, and adherence to rules. By participating in the sport, students develop discipline, perseverance, and time management skills as they balance their academic responsibilities with training sessions and matches.

Emotional Well-being

Engaging in soccer can positively impact mental health. The sport offers an outlet for stress relief, boosts self-esteem, and teaches resilience in the face of challenges. It provides opportunities for students to experience success, learn from failure, and develop a positive mindset.

Cognitive Development

Futbol involves strategic thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving on the field. Players must anticipate and react quickly to changing situations, enhancing cognitive abilities such as focus, concentration, and spatial awareness

Cultural Awareness

Futbol is a globally popular sport, allowing students to learn about different cultures and traditions. Exposure to diverse teams and players promotes cultural awareness, appreciation, and respect, fostering a global perspective among students.

Leadership Skills

Futbol provides opportunities for students to develop leadership qualities. Captaining a team, making tactical decisions, and supporting teammates develop skills like communication, organization, and taking responsibility.

By incorporating futbol into school activities, these benefits can contribute to the holistic development of students, both physically and mentally, while fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship.