Journey School of Costa Rica

Pathways program

Fourteen to eighteen years old

Journey Pathways

The Pathways Program is our US accredited high school in Costa Rica. Journey School of Costa Rica’s students practice time management and autonomy as they build their college portfolios through one of Journey’s 6 Pathways – from a focus on math and science to art and holistic endeavors.
By honing their intrinsic motivation, Our Team of Teachers help our students feel empowered to own their success as they launch into young adulthood.

As students enter 9th grade, they will dive deeper into driving questions and begin to explore multi-content learning opportunities. As a Junior and Senior, the student will be developing their own driving questions and a plan to address such questions. This is similar to a senior capstone course and culminates with a presentation and defense of their learning that occurred during their investigation and time at Journey School of Costa Rica.

Earn College Credit

Earn college credit and have a flexible schedule to pursue passion projects. At this stage, our students begin building their portfolios for their college applications and/or internships and mentorships.

With our Pathways Program, students are able to earn college credit and have a flexible schedule where they can allocate more time to working towards their career path of choice including work in the community or even abroad.

Meet Our Team of Teachers

Pursue Passion Projects

At Journey School of Costa Rica, students have explored passions through diverse elective offerings from the 2nd grade. Now our Pathway students are taking those passions into local communities with wide-reaching pursuits!

From internships at local veterinary clinics to entrepreneurial efforts, our high school students are taking the journey off campus and into the next stage of learning.

US accredited, Journey School of Costa Rica’s central tenants continue to be kindness, empathy, compassion and academic excellence. We work closely with Cognia, PBL Works, REGGIO Children and Conscious Discipline.