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Online & together

From its inception, our Online Learning Program has focused on community; an unwavering focus on the collective health of our students and school family.

In early 2020, though admittedly ahead of schedule, Journey School School of Costa Rica embarked on an exciting project of distance learning courses to better serve our traveling/World Schooling families while remaining focused on community building.

Interactive & Social

The Online Experience offers technological advances that make remote learning possible… and Journey School of Costa Rica’s students are learning to harness those tools!

Through various online platforms and virtual resources, Journey School of Costa Rica has taken the interactive benefits of small class sizes to the Internet.

With the support of live teacher guidance in real time, our students ask questions and use modern resources to create solution-orientated projects through our Online Experience.

How It Works

Each school day at the designated hour, students log into their Google Classroom accounts to find everything they need for a successful day!

Journey School of Costa Rica’s students are in class with live teacher instruction on average 3-5 hours each day, depending on the grade, and are then responsible for completing coursework independently. 

Live & In Real Time

Using online platforms like Zoom, Journey School of Costa Rica maintains a normal class schedule. Our teachers are supported and trained for the Online Learning Program. Check out an example schedule below!

8:20 Community Morning Meeting via Facebook Live for the entire school where students are encouraged to set their daily intentions.

8:30 First class block begins! Students log into their Zoom meetings to start the day. Some grades have 90 minute blocks while others have multiple 60 minute subject blocks.

10:10 Break time!

10:30 Second class block begins! Our goal for upper elementary and middle school students is to manage their personal schedule and workload independently. Lower elementary teachers take great effort to teach our younger students how to confidently learn online.

12:10 Lunch!

1:00 Third and final class block concludes the day at 2:40 pm. Journey School of Costa Rica offers immersive language classes for native and learning Spanish speakers, as well as other interactive electives.

Parent Testmonials

We have a child who struggles in a traditional classroom with distractions, so I'm amazed at how Journey School of Costa Rica's online program has changed him academically. My son is able to focus, participate and complete his work in a way I've not seen before. I look forward to seeing how JSCR will continue to grow their Online Learning Program.
The Ryan Family
The Ryan Family
6th grade
Journey School of Costa Rica didn't waste one single day of learning when it came time to switch to online learning. This speaks volumes to the forward-thinking, flexibility and resilience of the JSCR. Education isn't always about curriculum; it's also about leading by example with a can-do attitude. My kids love their school family!
The Gray Family
5th grade & 2nd grade
THANK YOU!! I am so grateful that my son is part of a wholesome community and has witnessed such leadership and guidance in these current times. I am reassured by Journey School of Costa Rica. The students are so engaged and excited about their learning, which is eye opening considering the distance between us all.
The Zeledon Family
The Zeledon Family
3rd grade
Our children studied at Journey school for a few years and had an incredibly engaging learning experience. The style of teaching encompassed not just the necessary academic skills but very important life skills of communication and self awareness, cultivating a sense of values, respect and confidence in all the students. We returned to the UK and our children entered mid educational years displaying strength and ability to deal with change easily. My confidence in the high standard of education at Journey was validated once again when my daughter sat essential UK exams and passed with flying colours which UK students spend 2 years studying for. Not only are the standards of Journey high, but from their time at the school, our children have the strength and courage to interact and move within any new environment with confidence and have settled back into life here easily.
Dawn and Family
The Zeledon Family
3rd grade

A Note from Our Director

This is an overwhelming time for educators. We’re here to help. A few spots in every grade are open to be filled for a month, the rest of the school year… or as long as you need! Just reach out and let us know how we can support you.

Journey School of Costa Rica’s Online Learning Program welcomes students from other local schools and around the globe. Please email or use our Online Form.