Journey School of Costa Rica


the journey approach

"Gold standard" PBL

Using project-based learning as our main teaching approach, Our Team of Teachers provide opportunity for discovery and learning; encourage active exploration and investigation; guide and facility growth through our On Campus Experience.

In order to assess the quality and effectiveness of our projects, we implement the “Gold Standard”.

The “Gold Standard” is a comprehensive, research-informed model for PBL to help teachers, schools and organizations measure, calibrate and improve their practice.

7 project design elements

Problem or Question

The project is framed by a meaningful problem or question to answer at the appropriate level of challenge.

Sustained Inquiry

Students engage in a rigorous, extended process of posing questions, finding resources and applying information.


The project involves real-world context or impact, or the project speaks to personal concerns and interests.

Student voice & Choice

Students make some decisions about the project, including how they work and what they create.


Students and teachers reflect on the learning and effectiveness of their inquiry, project actives and quality of student work.

Critique & Revision

Students give, receive and apply feedback to improve their process and products.

Public Product

Students make their project work public by displaying and/or presenting to an audience beyond the classroom.

Twenty first century skills

Congruent with our PBL approach, we challenge students to solve real world problems which are aligned to their academic standards by studying the 4 Cs, also known as 21st century skills.

Beginning in third grade, students in Journey School of Costa Rica’s Elements program study the 4 Cs are and how to apply those skills to projects, thinking and in everything they pursue.


While we can’t predict what future economies hold for the next generation, Journey School of Costa Rica’s 4 Cs class aims to sharpen the skills necessary to become confident, assertive and articulate.

critical thinking

All about problem solving and looking at challenges in a new way. Here we work to link learning across subjects and disciplines.


Trying new approaches to get things done with a focus on innovation and invention.


Working together to reach a common goal by putting unique talents, expertise and intellect together.


The practice of sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions clearly and effectively.

Gold Standard chart on Project Based Learning

Driving Questions

By creating an engaging classroom environment with ample outdoor learning spaces, our Journey School of Costa Rica’s preschool campus becomes a third teacher.