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Journey School of Costa Rica, San Mateo

Journey School of Costa Rica, San Mateo is focused on helping create a more sustainable world by teaching our students regenerative practices in the hopes of supporting and protecting our natural resources and native species. Our students will have an outdoor learning classroom in the beautiful area of San Mateo. Students will have hands-on experiences of the natural world, creating a deeper and more involved understanding of our natural areas. 

Journey School of Costa Rica, San Mateo will be a place for inspiration, creation and action, inspiring and educating our students to become innovators and care takers of Mother Earth.

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Our School

The first school campus will be housed in San Mateo in a beautiful home on a central street while we await the completion of a permanent campus. We are currently completing the due diligence process on a stunning 23-hectare parcel of land in the heart of San Mateo. 

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San Mateo

Journey School of Costa Rica,  San Mateo, will be nestled between the Ecovilla and Alegria communities, easily serving the greater San Mateo, Orotina and Atenas areas. 

With a strong focus on sustainability and agriculture, Journey School of Costa Rica, San Mateo, will be at home in it’s beautiful green surroundings. Gardens, animal, and permaculture offerings will be a regular component of student life.  

Our Goals

Our Goals

We will begin small as all schools do. This wonderful early time will be an experience of intimacy and coming together as a community. Our growth will be planned and intentional with new teachers arriving regularly as new students are welcomed into the school. We will all be a part of that welcoming experience where warmth and joy lead the way to connection and a sense of being at home at school. Class meet-ups, project presentation nights and community-wide events are always the norm at JoSoCoR. This is even more pronounced while the school is still young. The first families will co-create the school culture along with the students and faculty. It is truly a magical time in the life of a school. 

Dedicated Community

Dedicated community

Journey School of Costa Rica, San Mateo is the coming together of a dedicated group of families interested in creating a community of learners invested in their neighbors and environment as well as their academic education. These families share a common goad of compassionate educational principles guided by these strong connections. Building on the solid foundation of social and emotional education, Journey School of Costa Rica, San Mateo will achieve academic excellence in conjunction  with global citizenship. We believe that this is the right way to grow our students. 

San Mateo Tuition Costs

Below please find the tuition and fees for Journey School of Costa Rica, San Mateo’s 2022-2023 academic school year. You can also download the price list by clicking here.

Transportation and school lunches are also available at an additional fee. Please speak with a school administrator for more details.

Journey School of San Mateo

Pre Kinder through 12th
Prices for the 2022 – 2023 School Year

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Field trips, taxes, insurance, etc. are all included in annual tuition costs.

Email for prices and payments via Credit Cards of PayPal. 

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