Journey School of Costa Rica

Educational Programs

Preschool through Highschool

Educational Programs

Using PBL as our main teaching approach, Journey School of Costa Rica’s teachers provide:

  • The opportunity for discovery and learning
  • Encourage active exploration and investigation 
  • Guide and facilitate growth and development

Teachers will use specific instructional activities and tools to create and sustain individual inquiry. This is our first step towards building a personalized learning path for each student. 

Students will continue to experience a personalized learning path through the implementation of formative assessments and standards based rubrics. The former allows teachers to identify when scaffolding needs to be added for ether support or extension at an individual level. The latter allows students to make personal decisions of how deep in the studies they choose to go and how they will get there. 

In some cases, students need a completely personalized learning plan; this may be an AP Course, an independent project, or a self paced online course. In these situations a student request the class and then through serious of student/parent/school meetings the curse is approved and developed.

Creating personalized learning paths will look and feel different at each grade level. We have three grade level groups: Elements (K-5), Bridges (6-8), and Pathways (9-12).

Foundation Progam


The Foundation Program is our Reggio-inspired
preschool in Costa Rica.
Multilingual, play-based and absolutely joyful!

Teachers provide the opportunity for
discovery by encouraging active investigation.
We promote questioning while guiding
and facilitating growth and development.

Elementary classes at Journey School

Elements Program

Elementary School

For a lifelong love of learning, the Elements Program
nurtures positive emotional patterns during the
critical elementary years of rapid learning.

Students are grouped by age and move together
through a diversity of classes. Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to truly individualize each student’s experience to challenge them

Open Air Classroom

Bridge Program

Middle School

Middle School is statistically when students’
academic interest begins to decline making it vital for
educators to provide a flexible educational programs 
to encourage exploration and personal passions.

As students move from preadolescence to
adolescences, our middle school curriculum bridges
the gap through the study of core principles
for successful thinking and communication.

Face Painting

Pathways Program

High School

High school students are building portfolios
for college applications and/or internships.
Pathway students can earn college credit
and allocate time towards their career paths.

In our Pathways Program, students are able to earn
college credit and have a flexible schedule where
they can allocate more time to working towards
their career path of choice.

US accredited, Journey School of Costa Rica’s central tenants continue to be kindness, empathy, compassion and academic excellence. We work closely with Cognia, MEPREGGIO Children and Conscious Discipline.