Journey School of Costa Rica

Bridge Program

eleven to thirteen years old

Establishing connection & interest

In our Bridge Program, the 6-8th grade classroom will continue to grow the student’s content knowledge and challenge the student to focus on productive group work skills; collaboration and critical thinking. Students will work in small groups to address driving questions and problems. Teachers will provide activities to support the growth of and ability to work as a team. Students will experience the power of multiple minds working together when producing and sharing a solution. These years were serve as bridge taking students from the basic  elements of learning to their individual pathways. 

Student voice & choice

Engaging students in their learning, providing them with the skills and self-regulations necessary to work effectively with their fellow students, and skills.

Offering a variety of electives for students to feel both challenged and important in the school community. Our Team of Teachers provide project-based learning techniques along with critical thinking and communication skills.

Meet Our Team of Teachers

Critical thinking & communication

As students move from preadolescence to adolescences, our middle school curriculum bridges the gap through the study of core principles for successful thinking and communication.

In addition to standard disciplines, Journey School of Costa Rica’s students explore critical thinking systems, including nonviolent communication, objectivity vs subjectivity, logical fallacies and cognitive biases, the importance of context, meta-cognition and introspection, as well as the Socratic Method. 

US accredited, Journey School of Costa Rica’s central tenants continue to be kindness, empathy, compassion and academic excellence. We work closely with Cognia, MEP, REGGIO Children and Conscious Discipline.